Our logo is our main visual identifier.  Consistent use of our logo will help to reinforce our mission and brand in the minds of curlers.


OVCA-logomark-125px   Our primary logo.  When used, it should appear by itself, without a wordmark.
 OVCA-logo-1959-125px  Our secondary logo.  It should NEVER be used without a wordmark, as the logo itself does not contain the name of the organization.
 OVCA-logotype 300px
 Our secondary logo with a proper wordmark


Other usage notes

The primary logo should be used on a WHITE background only.  It should not be placed on a coloured background.

logotype badge 225 If the secondary logo is to be used on a coloured background, it should appear in a "badge" to preserve the clean, white background.


Use the PRIMARY logo when placing it with a sponsor's logo.  Our logo should appear in the same scale as the sponsor's logo.


Maintain proper whitespace around the logo.  Do not "crowd" the logo with other visual elements. 


What NOT to do


squish pinkie comicsans
...Change the proportions of the logo. ...Change the colours of the logo

...use your own typeface or create your own wordmark.  Only use the approved typefaces.